From artillery and helicopters to land and aerospace

Marc Bryant’s successful Defence Force career spanned England, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, and Australia. And when it came to transitioning to civilian life, Marc and his family chose South Australia as their permanent home base. Like many other Top Gun fans, Marc Bryant grew up wanting to be a pilot. After completing flying scholarships with the RAF and Air League, Marc launched his military career with the Army at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. After commissioning as an Artillery Officer, Marc [...]

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Space to learn and grow

Jack Hopgood grew up in the Adelaide Hills, with dreams of a career working with animals. Attending Urrbrae Agricultural High School, he had all that he needed to achieve his goals. “As much as I loved animals, I realised through my study that science and maths were a real strength for me, so I ended up leaning heavily into those subjects rather than agriculture,” Jack reflected. “Going into University, I had no clear expectation of where I would end up, [...]

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Growth in a growing industry

Nicola Higgins is born and bred South Australian, and proud to be working in Adelaide as a Mechanical Engineer for Mincham. Growing up, Nicola had a passion for maths and physics which meant that she saw her future clearly early on. “I knew that I wanted to do something in the engineering field but wasn’t sure which modality,” said Nicola. “After weighing up the options, mechanical felt like the most diverse choice with opportunities to work on anything from engines [...]

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Finding a place in Australia’s centre for space

Allan Dias was born in Brazil and, after his father received a job offer, he found himself moving to China during high school. With a fascination for flight and a knock-back from the Brazilian Air Force, Allan had to really consider his future career path. “I was looking for an opportunity to explore my passion for flying while also being able to interact with other international students,” said Allan. “Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics was just that place.” Studying [...]

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From experience comes future ambition

Born in Jordan, Sama was introduced to the Defence Forces as an early age. As refugees of the Iraq War, Sama’s father was forced to leave his family and immigrate to Brisbane under refugee status. Seven years later, Sama, her brother and mother were able to join him in Australia. Following in her brother’s footsteps, engineering was high on the agenda for Sama. “My brother is in civil engineering, and although I liked the idea of it, civil wasn’t of [...]

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There’s space for everyone in SA

Naida Rasheed is new to South Australia, having relocated from Sydney to join Southern Launch as a Launch Engineer. Space has always been on Naida’s radar. Growing up, she and her father often spoke about space, the pinnacle being the purchase of a family telescope. Spending many evenings zooming in on the rings of Saturn and the craters of the Moon, Naida’s passion was ignited. But was a career in space really possible in Australia? “Early on, when I was [...]

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Driving diversity and delivering value for defence industry

As a Program Director leading a team of consultants, Karen Hughes brings with her a wealth of experience in the defence industry. Originally born in England, she migrated to Australia as a child when her father was employed by the federal government in Canberra, moving to Adelaide soon after. Once school was complete, Karen began a maths degree at university, sparking an interest in computer science. And that set the direction for the rest of Karen’s career. “Computer Science just [...]

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From taking to the skies to shooting for the stars

After starting out as a Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Air Force, Dr Jordan Plotnek took advantage of South Australia’s booming space industry, and sky-rocketed toward a career in space cyber security. Jordan’s days are now spent democratising their knowledge and expertise as a Senior Lecturer and Researcher at UniSA, and as Critical Infrastructure Lead and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for veteran-owned professional services firm, Anchoram Consulting. Growing up, Jordan’s curiosity for wireless communications piqued at the drive-in theatre. [...]

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Defence industry and academia partnering together to deliver real-world impact

The Defence Trailblazer for Concept to Sovereign Capability is a strategic $240 million partnership between the University of Adelaide and UNSW, over 35 industry partners and the Commonwealth Department of Education. In collaboration with industry, academic and government partners, the Defence Trailblazer aims to strengthen Australia’s defence capabilities by developing cutting-edge technologies and solutions, while simultaneously equipping the next generation of innovators with specialised knowledge and skills to meet the current and future needs of Defence. With access to defence [...]

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