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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find the answers below to help you find your place in the defence and space industries.

If I work in the defence industry does this mean I am part of the Australian Defence Force?2022-12-14T15:51:07+10:30

No. A career in the defence industry will see you working on projects that support the Australian Defence Force.

Do I need to study at the Australian Defence Force Academy to work in the defence industry?2020-10-29T09:13:33+10:30

No. There are many career pathways into the defence industry, including TAFE and university.

Do I need to have a security clearance to work in the defence and space industries?2022-12-14T16:19:06+10:30

Generally speaking, some level of security clearance is required (or the ability to obtain one). Most projects associated with Defence and Space are classified.

This is something your potential employer would discuss with you.

Find out more information about security clearances from the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency.

What types of companies make up the Australian defence industry?2022-12-14T15:55:02+10:30

The defence industry consists of:

  • large, multi-national primes
  • Australian owned and operated SMEs
  • smaller companies that often provide specialised parts and equipment to larger companies.
Do I need to have a university degree to work in the defence and space industries?2022-12-14T16:26:41+10:30

No. There are a range of education pathways available to start your career in the defence industry.

Find out more about the career opportunities and pathways into defence and space in South Australia.

Do I need to be an Australian Citizen to work in the defence industry in South Australia?2022-12-14T16:36:16+10:30
Yes. The majority of defence industry jobs require a minimum BASELINE security clearance. You must be an Australian citizen to apply for and obtain a security clearance.
If you are not an Australian citizen, you may still be able to gain employment. This is something you will need to discuss with your potential employer at the time of application.
Does working in the defence industry mean I have to be an engineer?2022-12-14T16:14:12+10:30

No. The defence industry offers an exciting range of careers across many disciplines, including:

  • project management
  • contracts management
  • ICT and software development
  • supply chain
  • WHS
  • marketing and communications
  • logistics.

Learn about the wide variety careers on offer.

Who is Defence SA?2022-12-14T16:09:03+10:30

Defence SA is the South Australian Government’s lead agency for all defence matters.

Defence SA wants to ensure South Australia takes full advantage of the major project opportunities in the defence industry and have developed the Find Your Place and Make Your Move campaigns to educate and inspire the future workforce about the life-long careers available in the state.

The jobs available are not recruited by Defence SA, they are managed by industry. Find out more about jobs in the South Australian defence industry.

If you are interested in working for Defence SA, any job opportunities are posted on our careers page.

How can I find my place in the defence and space industries?2022-12-14T16:06:12+10:30

There is a lot of information available for those looking for a career in Defence and Space and this can be overwhelming!

We have aimed to simplify this for you by collating available information sources on this website.

Explore a range of short and long term pathways into the defence and space industries.

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