What is the defence industry?

South Australia’s defence industry is made up of hundreds of innovative businesses that maintain and enhance Australia’s Defence Force capabilities and contribute to international Defence contracts.

From constructing the infrastructure to support Australia’s warships and submarines, to manufacturing the components for the country’s future air combat fleet and providing the logistics systems to support our Defence personnel, South Australia’s defence industry is responsible for the research, development and production of materials, equipment and facilities for the Army, Navy and Air Force.

At the heart of South Australia’s defence industry is a strong commitment to keeping the country’s Defence Force at the cutting edge of capability to protect Australia and its national interests.

You don’t need to join the Defence Force or wear a uniform to work in the state’s defence industry; working in the defence industry is no different to other sectors with thousands of roles from admin to finance, contract management to logistics, engineering to project management and everything in between. All you need is the drive and passion to be part of an innovative, exciting and thriving sector.

Growth in the defence industry

The defence industry is one of South Australia’s fastest growing sectors and is crucial to the state’s economic growth and prosperity.

The defence sector currently represents 4.5 per cent of gross state product and accounts for more than 11,000s jobs in South Australia.

With significant growth across areas including naval shipbuilding, systems and cyber and space, thousands of jobs are being created on Defence projects in South Australia.

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Jobs in the defence industry

South Australia’s defence industry offers a variety of job opportunities for people with the necessary trade, technical and science and technology skills.

A broad range of rewarding and life-long careers are on offer in areas such as manufacturing, cyber security, engineering, project management, logistics and software development.

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