Find your place in space and unlock a career that matters

In a time not all that long ago, you could have been forgiven for thinking a career in the space industry was something you would have to go overseas to do, and it involved being a rocket scientist or astronaut flying to the moon. This is definitely not the case with a range of exciting careers now available in South Australia in an industry that’s making a difference to the way we live, and helping to create a sustainable future. [...]

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Zahra’s story

Antennas are everywhere. There are tiny ones in every mobile phone and laptop, and in the hardware that helps them connect to wi-fi. They are in the security tags that prevent shoplifting in stores. They’re in medical devices that can detect cancerous tumours. And, of course, there are the big ones that capture signals from satellites in space. Zahra Esmati has been fascinated by antennas ever since she studied telecommunications back in her home country of Iran. Now, she’s is [...]

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Now is the time to join South Australia’s defence and space industries

There’s never been a better time to join South Australia’s defence and space industries, with workers needed now to get started on a lucrative career, spanning decades. Recent research conducted by Defence SA shows that while the defence industry alone in South Australia is expected to need an additional 10,000 people over the next 10 years, not everyone is aware of the career opportunities available in the state. Defence SA Chief Executive Richard Price said the highest priority for South [...]

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Young Achiever’s career on upward trajectory

The Australian Industry & Defence Network – South Australia (AIDN SA) Young Achiever Award 2022 was announced at the annual AIDN SA Christmas and Garden Party last week. Southern Launch Regulatory Lead Eamon Lawson received this year’s honour, selected from a competitive field of nominees. Eamon was recognised for his important contribution to critical law reform to support the development of Australia’s first sovereign end-to-end space capability covering payload development, rocket manufacture and launch into space. Space launch is an important pillar [...]

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Rocket scientist surges into dream career in South Australia’s space sector

As a young boy James dreamt of being an astronaut and his fascination with space has led to an exciting career as a rocket scientist. James recently made the move to South Australia’s thriving space sector where his career has taken off – and he’s now driving some of the most cutting-edge space innovations in the state. James works as a mechanical and thermal engineer for South Australian space company Neumann Space, which is one of only a few companies [...]

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Young female engineer reaches for the stars

Farisha Jamal has been working in the South Australian space industry for under a year, but is part of a growing constellation of female engineers lighting a successful career path in the sector. She’s now empowering other women and young girls to reach for the stars. The avionics engineer is forging a successful career in the South Australian space sector. Farisha was recently recruited by local space launch provider Southern Launch to help create flight systems and sensor packages that [...]

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Ben’s giant leap into new space career

Wanting to be part of an industry fuelled by innovation and some of the country’s brightest minds, South Australian project manager Ben Adams knew it was time for a change when he took one giant leap into a new career in the space sector. Having worked in the private and public sectors in a range of technology, strategy and project delivery roles, Ben found himself stuck in a mid-career crisis when the appeal of a career in space was something [...]

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